Edward George Reinert

Though he was well known enough to be cited in a 1917 Colorado history book, Edward G. Reinert and only a few of his supposed eight siblings are known to me, and not much knowledge at that. Family traditions and eyewitness accounts say there was a large and ornate family bible, that the family had noble, though illegitimate, German roots. Also that E.G. and his siblings had to flee Germany and Kaiser Wilhelm II. I can find solid evidence neither refuting nor supporting this story. Mom says "uncle Gar" had the bible when she saw it as a child. Who knows where he ended up. This line has been very difficult and confusing to research. If they were trying to obfuscate their heritage they did a god job, since it seems the family as a whole was very literate and business savvy.

Pat's & Janet's Roots

This is the public repository for the genealogical data I have been collecting for several years. Some of it is conjectural, though online resources have agreed with anecdotal family stories enough to permit me to publish it here. Naturally, it is subject to modification as new information and sources become available. There is much that I have not published here that, while interesting, lacks sufficient documentation even for me. Hopefully this is just the beginning! Experienced genealogists will no doubt find that I haven't documented my sources as well as I should. Apologies for that, as I only recently recognised the need to do so. Maybe I'll catch up some day. Entering and editing sources is yet another time-consuming aspect of this endeavor. It is no wonder that most people don't have the time to document these things. I devote time as I can, which isn't nearly as much as it deserves. Still, what I have placed here is better than nothing, and maybe it will serve a good purpose for someone.
The software used to track the data used to populate this site is Reunion for Mac OS.

Yonekichi Nishimura

Yonekichi Nishimura was Janet's great grandfather through her mother's mother. Her mother Kimiko refers to him as "heitai san", meaning she believes he was a soldier. Beyond that we know little about him. Researching the Japanese side of the family has thus far been limited to photos, documents, and conversations within the family. One source within the extended family provided some descendancy tables for the Hamada side.Two of the three he provided are presented herein. The third will be forthcoming as I can get to it.