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Musical intonation¬†is a passion of mine. There are many things about it that interest me, and performing music in tune is just the first one. Music should be in the schools for much more than cultural purposes. The ways of music are life lessons, and you won’t get some of them anywhere else. There is math, geometry, non-verbal, non-visual communication, right brain exercises, left brain exercises, psychology, and even politics. Yep. Politics. The equally tempered scale is used on the piano. It is useful in its way, but it has lessened the beauty of music and has confused music education. The evil empire of equal temperament must be stopped!

Just kidding, sort of. That was just a wee bit of hyperbole, but there is truth in there. I’ll be getting into that in this section in the future, hopefully in a way that leaves out as much nerdiness as possible. I want everyone to understand this, not just tuning wonks and theoreticians.

That thing on the right called Deep Intonation is the Intonation section from my old web site. I’m keeping it around because it still comes in handy at times and I would still like to finish it, but it gets technical. Put on your helmet before you go there!